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Mr Spencer & Miss Charlotte 24th October 2010

Mr Spencer and Miss Charlotte were absolute stars in the studio. Mum and Dad came armed with gorgeous matching outfits, a few little props and alll the grandparents to capture the gorgeous nature of this family! Thanks guys for a wonderful session!

Miss Tiani! 23rd Oct 2010

Miss Tiani decided sleep is completely ober-rated for the entirety of her session, it did however allow us to capture those gorgeous big eyes! She is one of the most alert, intrigued lil bubs I have met! No wonder mum has been getting her rest at night!!

Gray Family 23rd Oct 2010

Kylie brought her three gorgeous girls along to Faulkner Park to have a morning in the sunshine! And what gorgeous girls they are! Sisters who truely love each other - so great to spend some time with you guys!!

Superheroes visit the studio - 17th Oct 2010

Batman and Superman came for a session this weekend! Yes little my Tadhg and Mr Jett kept evil at bay! Quite the cuties aren't they! Even as we fought tears and what turned out to be a double earache there were some gorgeous smiles flashed around! Thanks guys!!!

Scott Family - 17th Oct 2010

Kaylee is the most adorable little cherub ever! She brought the cheekiest smile with her to the studio for an opportunity to capture this gorgeous little family! Mum is expecting! Can't wait to meet the second addition to the family if Kaylee is anything to go by!

Glamour Shoot - 16th Oct 2010

Bel came to me wanting a glamour session as a surprise gift for her husband! We had heaps of fun planning and as the session went on she was more and more comfortable in front of the camera, so much that hopefully I'll get her back again!!! Thanks Bel for all the hard work you put into your preparations and your sister Amanda for giving moral support on the day!

Amanda & Koko - maternity 12th Oct 2010

Amanda has one of the most amazing pregnant bodies I think I have ever seen! She looks just stunning - even though she will tell you she is completely over it! Koko, her little blue eyed, blonde haired surfy daughter had a ball running around whilst mum got some amazing photos from the session! Thanks guys! I hope to meet bubs!!

Miranda, Chris & Steph! Engagement 10th Oct 2010

Chris and Miranda are a gorgeous bubbly couple who came for a mix of studio and local location shots! Steph in her petti-skirt was great fun - its amazing how you can entertain a small child with an umbrella and a water bottle! Thanks guys and congratulations on your engagement!!!

The Bainbridges - newborn 10th Oct 2010

An angel visited me in the studio today in the form of little Kenahdy. She was an absolute pleasure to photograph and I can't wait to see her again as she grows! Thanks Amy and Jason for a wonderful session!!


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