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Miss MJ - April 2010

We took the little munchkin away for the ANZAC Day long weekend to the Margaret River wine region and she could still not escape the lens! But for her first family holiday it can be said she definately had fun!

My Angel - April 2010

She takes my breath away everyday. Its often hard to decide whether to take the picture or grab her and hold her close. She has the most forgiving eyes, the most incredible smile and her Dad's sense of humour. She laughs everyday because that is what she knows, she is my blank canvas to paint a world with! She's my baby girl!

Poppy - Mothers Day Promo - 17th April 2010

Miss Poppy is a bubbly and energetic 2 year old who was more than willing to run, jump and lend us those big blue eyes.

Natalia - Mothers Day Promo - 10th April 2010

Miss Natalia was 5 months old for this shoot that was done in the studio as part of the mothers day promo! She was a gem for clothing changes, being positioned and was a star for the camera! Bet she slept well after!

Family Portraits 04 April 2010

It was easter long weekend and what better fora photographer to do than take photos of her own family! Miss Makayla was extremely helpful as always running away from daddy and sorting through the camera bag!


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