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Wigmore 25th July 2010

It was a weekend for large families and this one was also great fun! The kids were all so well behaved and the setting was perfect for that "Autumn feel" We threw leaves, climbed trees and hid in ivy! Thankyou Naomi and Zae for sharing your beautiful clan!

Marinovich 24th July 2010

Catherine and her gorgeous family came to the studio one Saturday morning! Grand parents in tow as well we all crammed into my studio and set out to capture every combination of family members possible. Miss Emma and Miss Libby were absolute angels. What a pleasure to meet them all. I hope to see you again as the little ones grow. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family Catherine!

Rachel's 30th 17th July 2010

Rachel celebrated her 30th in style with a formal party...and everyone went to such a great effort! And Rachel herself looked absolutely amazing! I dragged along my darling husband to assist...and he was wonderful at removing drinks and handbags from shots and can always manages to get a smile from the most camera shy subject! It was a great evening and it seemed everyone had a great night! I hope the heads weren't too sore the next day!

The full proof album can be viewed here

Miss Emily & Mr James 17th July 2010

Miss Emily and Mr James came and played in the studio on a sunny winter's morning! They are both little bundles of energy and mum has her hands full but we got there in the end...smiles and all with bubbles!!!

Smash the Cake - Jory 13th July 2010

Mr Jory arrived at the studio, having just turned one not many weeks before his cake smash! What a gorgeous boy...and what cute little blue hand prints he left! Happy birthday Jory!

Mr Mason 6th July 2010

Mr Mason (8wks) came to the studio on a cold Tuesday evening and made himself nice and at home in the warmth of the heater! Even nodding off for some gorgeous shots! I hope we captured what you were after mum and dad! A beautiful family...I hope to see you guys again...maybe once the little man is sitting up!

Mr Bryce 3rd July 2010

I was so excited to see Jess and Robbie again when they came back to the studio after the arrival of their gorgeous little man, Bryce. He was 3 1/2 weeks old when he came to the studio and what a cute little bear he makes!! Congratulations guys I hope to continue to see him grow! Thank you for sharing your new angel with me today!

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